New for 2015 we are introducing we are introducing Pilates to our services at Ora Fitness. Pilates is designed to stretch, elongate and strengthen creating a long, lean body. It is ideal for people with injuries and pre and post natal as it can be delivered to your individual needs.

We are offering one to one private sessions and group classes open to everyone. Sessions will be held in our private studio where we will provide mats and equipment to create a warm, relaxing ambience. If you are an experienced at pilates or new to it there is a class available for you. Each class holds a maximum of eight people to allow our teacher to focus on perfecting technique and offer personal attention to each member of the class.

Pilates can also be an affective for experienced exercisers or if you regularly play a sport. Pilates can help loosen tight muscle and address muscle imbalance often seen in runners, football and tennis players. Pilates can actually improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury.


Times – new classes can be made available

Individual one to one – 1 hour £40

Classes £48 for 6

Pre-booking required

Give us a call today on 07947 101 629 or MAKE A BOOKING ENQUIRY TODAY

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