This is exercise that raises your heart rate to get you working at the appropriate intensity for you to increase fitness and melt away body fat. Your heart rate is monitored during this exercise. CV training is crucial to everyday health and can help reduce many medical conditions including, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and depression. It can also protect against the onset of coronary heart disease, diabetes type 2, stress related illness and dementia. To get you working effectively, we use equipment such as a crosstrainer, bike and a variety of kit. We also include running and power walking into our sessions using the outdoors. Boxing is an effective cardiovascular exercise. We will guide you through techniques no matter what level. It is a great method of improving coordination and speed. There’s nothing better after a stressful day then pad work.


This is a very important aspect of training that everyone can benefit from. The majority of people have weak core muscles due to working at a desk, driving and everyday running around. Strengthening the abdominals, deep core muscles, pelvic floor and lower back muscles will help the body function better by improving posture. This will reduce lower back pain and make functional movements such as lifting easier. Having a strong core will reduce risk of injuries such a prolapsed disc or sciatica and aid additional training as the core works whenever we move.


Using weights, bands, medicine balls and bodyweight we can strengthen your entire body. Strength training has been proven to increase muscle strength and endurance making activities from sports such as football to everyday activities such as picking up your children easier. Weight training strengthens connective tissue around joints and increases bone density which is important especially for women. Aesthetically weights can increase tone and definition in muscles for improved body confidence. We ensure we train muscles in a balanced manner to improve posture and keep muscle development balanced.


At the end of a session we perform a range of deep stretching movements using a system of PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) where the trainer will stretch your muscles for you. It is very effective and increases the range of motion and mobility in joints whilst reducing aching the next day. Increasing flexibility aids the body to move more freely especially when exercising, will improve posture and reduce tension in muscle. Pilates and yoga is also incorporated to help stretch and relax muscles.

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