We are delighted to be teaming up with Emma from Supercharged (www.superchargedclub.co.uk) who is Ora’s resident Women’s Health fitness expert. Emma offers one to one sessions along with courses which are based in the studio and perfect for any women needing to reconnect with her pelvic floor and core and that will get even the floppiest of cores working again!

The course is 6 weeks with small groups of 4-6 attendees and is a real bespoke programme based around YOUR individual needs and goals. The concept includes functional fitness, pilates and lifting weights for optimum results. Safe and effective for the new mamma or the mamma struggling to get back into exercise or for the mamma the leaks when coughs, sneezes or jumps!

Course includes

6 weeks of emails to help with nutrition to get you eating healthier. This guide will help you stop Mummy burnout, particularly good for those mums that eat healthy however rely on the caffeine, sugar and wine diet to get them through the day.

You also get 6 hourly sessions with Emma who is an expert in women’s fitness. Emma is a MUTU Pro which is an award winning programme designed by a Mum for mums to help rehabilitate, reconnect and realign your bodies. Emma gets mums fit for purpose, fit for the heavy lifting and pushing of prams. Fit for carrying and lifting those little ones (and big ones).

Course only £99

With 1 in 3 ladies leaking when they sneeze and 1 in 5 suffering prolapse later in life it’s important that we exercise smarter not harder as we age and head towards Peri menopause.

As a bikini model she also knows how to sculpt those curves, reduce body fat all whilst still caring for your postnatal body. Emma says, “Pregnancy is for 9 months, you live with your changes body forever”

The courses start week commencing 10th September so get in touch to book now Mondays 11am

Wednesdays 10.15am and 8pm

Fridays 12pm

Contact us today to book in on a course or one to one with Emma.

Give us a call today on 07947 101 629 or MAKE A BOOKING ENQUIRY TODAY

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