Ora Fitness owner and Head Trainer Jennifer Neal had her first baby in August 2013. Since being pregnant, she realized there are not many exercise classes for mums to be and postnatally. So we are pleased to offer mums and mums to be post natal classes and  one to one sessions. Sessions are run in our large, airy private studio. We will ensure the room stays cool and airy and we provide filtered water to keep you hydrated throughout, which is vital at this precious time.

Emma is our pre and post natal expert who also runs Zipped Ups mums specializing in pre and post natal exercise. Exercise throughout pregnancy has many benefits to you and the baby when done in a safe, monitored environment including;

• Reduced experience of insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety
• Exercise helps control blood sugar levels thus decreasing risk of developing gestational diabetes
• Management of a healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy
• Reduce likelihood of suffering lower back pain
• Some evidence linking reduced length of labour and delivery complications when taking weight bearing exercise throughout pregnancy

Source: Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Postnatally exercise is crucial in strengthening your core, improving posture, staving off post natal depression and giving mums some me time. It is also a great way to meet other mums to be in your area creating a fun social group. See our Pilates page for details or please contact us for more information.


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