Jen really understands exercise and why some activities work better for me than others. We concentrated on core muscle groups for me and all round fitness levels, gradually increasing the difficulty. Jen’s approachable and friendly style allows me to relax and enjoy the sessions and I always come out with a spring in my step despite an intensive hours training. Jen is flexible with times and we usually have an early morning session, on my way to work, which sets me up for the day. I have looked at my eating and exercise habits and have made some small but crucial adjustments resulting in an all-round increase in fitness along with a weight loss of 9lbs so far. The studio is light and airy and it’s easy to park.”

Matthew, Brighton

I have been seeing Jen since 2007. She is wonderful, and has dispelled all the fears I had about seeing a personal trainer. The main one being that I would have to see her every day, it would cost me a fortune and I’d end up being the fittest homeless person on the streetI I had been a member of a gym for years so I was no stranger to exercise, but I felt that I needed a mentor to formulate routines for me, to monitor my progress, and to answer the myraid of questions I had about things I constantly read about diet and fitness in magazines and on the internet.

I only see Jen once a month, but this works really well for me. She is invaluable in giving me advice and formulating great, challenging workouts. She is very approachable, friendly, and encouraging, and I feel I can tell or ask her anything. I really enjoy our sessions. And since seeing her my fitness has come on in strides. I have lost weight, got stronger and recently ran a half marathon, when I had previously done no running at all. She is the best!

Eve, Brighton

Having hit a bit of a low point in both body and mind, I decided to invest in a course of personal training sessions. It was with delight that I was partnered with Aimee! Over the course of a few months she helped me mould a body to be proud of, as well as advance my knowledge of nutrition and diet in order to retain a good shape.

Aimee always ensures our sessions are fun, informative but most importantly a great work-out. I’ve now discovered muscles in places I didn’t think existed and I finally fit back in the skinny jeans I banished to the back of the cupboard!’

Natalie, Hove

Toby I have been seeing Toby for personal training since 2010 and he has changed my life. I knew I needed to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle, but I didn’t know how to exercise – at all. I never thought I would look forward to training, but I do and it is now a normal part of my life.

Toby is personable and extremely knowledgeable with respect to cardiac health and exercise. I have been able to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol levels from exercise and diet. He has also provided specific exercise programmes for me for specific events, most notably a half marathon. I would not hesitate to recommend Toby as a personal trainer – he is understanding, knowledgeable, patient and above all a skilled motivator.’

Cathy, Hove

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